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We are at the beginning of building one of the greatest companies on earth. We need volunteers with a vision to write for us: highly motivated, skilled people willing to step out of their comfort zone. Come and be a part of this new company! Everyone from the CEO on down starts as a volunteer; this is the same way Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook were built – with volunteers who had a vision. Do you have the vision to build such a company?

ITR is a Disabled & Veteran Owned Business Promoting Accessible Travel and Sustainable Tourism. Rick Stoneking Sr. is the owner & founder of IPG & ITR. We are a very conservative, family friendly, and strong family-focused organization.


Initial Submission Guidelines

Write For Us – We are very flexible and need fresh articles and content each day. You may write on any of the topics listed under “Article Categories” on our homepage: The International Travel Herald.

We are working on more complete submission guidelines right now, but currently accept articles of 900 to 1200 words with no more than 5 well described photos to get us started. Freelance writers retain the copyright until we start paying for articles, and the articles may be previously published for your blog and up to one year old if updated. Although writers are not paid now, we will allow you a by-line and signature block link to your website or blog.

To write for us please submit resumes or inquiries to:
Submissions Editor – SE@IntlPubGrp.com

Write For US – We Need Content!
Articles needed immediately for the topics below:

Travel Writers

We need writers for all travel topics.

Business Services Writers

Writers needed for all business services categories.

We provide small business resources and articles for: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management, Business Management.


B2B, B2C & B2E, Content Creation, Content Curation, Web Content, Web Accessibility Reviews


Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Hospitality Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing.


Visit us immediately for a category list at – https://www.internationaltravelreviews.com/ and start submitting your articles/posts.


We are still building our website, but here is a sneak peek of the site so far International Travel Reviews – Publisher of “The International Travel Herald” https://internationaltravelreviews.com/

This is the main company –  ITR is a division of International Publishing Group, LLC ™

If you have any interest in working with us, please email your resume to HR@IntlPubGrp.com

Please use the newsletter registration which includes site registration.

2 Your Success™

Rick Stoneking Sr. CEO
International Publishing Group, LLC ™
and International Travel Reviews™
A division of IPG
Inverness, Florida

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