Why Hire ITR? Top 7 Reasons

Why Hire ITR? As a business services provider, we know you could use an in-house solution. Here are a seven reasons why hiring us is more cost effective.

Why Hire ITR? Top 7 Reasons

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Written by Rick Stoneking Sr. CEO


Why Hire ITR? Top 7 Reasons

Why Hire ITR? Top 7 Reasons.  Obviously, Why should you hire ITR is the question that brought you to International Travel Reviews™? It is a legitimate question. And it deserves a legitimate answer.  So first, let’s make sure you are in the correct place. You may want our parent company – International Publishing Group, LLC.  Since you are here, let us assume the following information is accurate:

  1. First, your business relates to the overall travel and tourism industry.
  2. Second, you want expertise from people who know your part of the overall travel and tourism industry.
  3. Third, you need help with the targeted Business Services that we offer our travel and tourism clients.
  4. Fourth, you want to hire us to conduct a Travel Review and Accessibility Review to promote your tourism business or location.


Our Expertise

Expert Rankings

Why Hire ITR? Rick Stoneking Sr. is our CEO. He is the Owner/Founder of the International Publishing Group, LLC.  He also founded International Travel Reviews™. Klout.com has awarded Rick  twenty-two expert rankings. More importantly, these include expert rankings in all of our core business services. Most relevant to clients – our commitment to making sure our people are highly qualified within each special niche.


The Differences In Our Services

International Travel Reviews™ and our parent company – International Publishing Group, LLC,  offer the same types of services. So, why hire one over the other. While they are the same in terms of services, they are different in terms of expertise.

First, IPG provides Business Services to the General Business community. So, IPG uses experts from the general business community. Likewise, ITR focuses on the travel industry. All the services ITR offers are provided by experts in the travel industry. Specifically, your segment of the travel industry.

For example, for clients in the hospitality industry who need us to develop their copywriting or web copy. Our experts will know the hospitality industry. Likewise, if you are a cruise line, our experts will know the cruise industry.

About International Travel Reviews

Why Hire ITR? Firstly, we founded International Travel Reviews (ITR) to promote a gold standard for providing timely, top-notch, world class travel intelligence. Second, we desire to assist all travelers. Most of all, those with accessibility issues. Therefore, we help in all aspects of safe travel. for everyone Most importantly, we promote safe tourism worldwide.

Who Hires ITR

Why Hire ITR? To increase revenue! Most importantly, clients in the travel, tourism and historic sites arena hire ITR to help them increase their tourism revenue. Obviously, this is a very competitive industry. So, you want the best.

Clients include:

  • Tourism boards
  • Private businesses
  • City, state, or federal agencies who desire to develop or increase tourism to their tourism locations.
  • Historic site reviews: Typically requested by private, city, state, or federal agencies, who desire to develop or increase tourism around their historic and heritage sites.


Locations Where We Do Travel Reviews and Accessibility Reviews

Client locations we review include:

  • Cities, resorts
  • Theme parks
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Meetings Industry
  • 5-Star hotels and 5-Star restaurants
  • Local restaurants popular with tourists
  • Cruise Lines
  • National parks, zoos, and aquariums
  • Wildlife safari operations
  • Historical site locations.

Accessible Travel

In addition, we help travel and tourism businesses to become accessible. We help them identify and promote tourism visits to their locations by handicapped travelers. Furthermore, the disabled traveler segment of the travel and tourism industry often gets overlooked. In fact, estimates show that in 2017, disabled travelers will spend in excess of $300 billion. Of course, this includes their caretakers and travel companions. Most importantly, we help you capture your share of this rapidly growing segment.

Web Accessibility

In addition to our accessibility reviews for your physical location, we also do web accessibility reviews. Web accessibility is a legal requirement, not an option. So, we provide testing of a business’ website to determine its level of accessibility. This is another area where we help tourism related companies increase their revenues. Why? Because if those with accessibility issues cannot read your website, you are losing potential customers. Furthermore, you are legally required to provide web accessibility. As a result, you must provide a way for the visually impaired to get the information from your website on their own.  Most importantly, it isn’t just the right thing to do, it is the law in all civilized countries

To learn more about our travel reviews visit ITR Travel Reviews.


Why Hire ITR? Top 7 Reasons

Why Hire ITR? Top 7 Reasons. First of all, as a business services provider, we recognize that you could use an in-house solution. Even so, there are a number of reasons why hiring us is more cost effective. Of course, a cost benefit analyses will help you determine the right way for your company.  Nevertheless, the cost of retaining us, is usually a better option. Moreover, it completely eliminates your HR costs.


Our Business Services Help You Increase Revenue

Here are some of the major Business Services we provide. These increase your chances for success. Therefore, they increase your revenue. Also, this list is just some of the services we use to help you.

  • Copywriting
  • Web Copywriting
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Branding
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Ambassador Service
  • Leadership Principles taught to your key employees
  • Web Accessibility Reviews


Why Hire ITR? Top Seven Reasons To Hire ITR

  1. Because, when it comes to business services for your travel and tourism related business, we have the business expertise specific to your needs.
  2. Obviously, having one company to handle all your specialized business services helps. For example, our services include Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Content Marketing, Hospitality Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Web Copy, Web Accessibility Reviews.
  3. Also, we offer specialized Business Services like:
    • Branding
    • Brand Management
    • Public Relations
    • Press Management
  4. In addition, our strategic marketing approach uses cutting-edge special software and apps. These help monitor the performance of  our overall marketing efforts on your behalf. In addition, they provide continual analysis of the overall performance of your marketing and social media programs.
  5. Most of all, our experts come from the overall travel and tourism industry with specialized expertise. As a result, our Travel Reviews are done by experts who are familiar with your segment of the industry.
  6. Above all, your projects will be done by specific experts from your segment of the travel and tourism industry.
  7. Lastly, we are international in scope. So we have expertise specific to the international aspects of your location.



Why Hire ITR? Top 7 Reasons.  Because of our expertise. Especially since we have experts in every area of the travel industry. First, our business services, and travel reviews give you more visibility. Second. our accessibility reviews and web accessibility reviews help ensure your legal compliance for accessibility. Thus, they contribute to your success!

Most importantly, I hope “Why Hire ITR? Top 7 Reasons” answered your questions. As well, we want the privilege of assisting your company with our business and travel and tourism services. Indeed, our experts are here to help you promote your business, And to increase revenue. Moreover, we want travelers to have a ready source of valid, uncompromising information about travel/tourism sites. While at the same time, we want to give you exposure allowing you to claim your slice of the entire tourism pie.

Lastly, did this article “Why Hire ITR? Top 7 Reasons”, help you to arrive at a decision regarding hiring ITR? Consequently, would you like us to help you with your travel and tourism related business services? Specifically, can we help with your travel and accessibility  requirements?


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