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Travel Destinations


First of all, this category covers major continental and subcontinental travel destinations. Articles come from the traveler’s perspective.  And, you can find more topics in the dropdown lists. Also, the sub-categories below correspond with our Pinterest boards. So, please visit them also. Be sure to like our pins before you repin them.

Especially relevant, only post articles here relating to your chosen Travel Destinations topics. Write about your own experiences. And do not combine countries or locations.

Articles in this topic address general issues with travel destinations anywhere within that topic. So, for other travel destinations, use the dropdown list. If you need a new category, we can create it.  Just let us know using our Feedback form. We are very flexible.

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Since structure is important for a good SEO friendly article, we encourage you to plan your article carefully. Want to know how to write your best article? Try using the 5W+H formula to help you write better.

So, what is the 5W+H Formula? First, it simply tells your readers the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your story. Second, it helps your story flow smoothly so that you guide your reader through your story like you would in taking them on a journey. Lastly, it will help you write an exciting and informed article.

Transition Words

First, your writing must have a logical and readable structure, you must use transition words. Second, transition words help your reader connect the dots so to speak. Third transition words help your reader make the connection between sentences and paragraphs. Therefore, you should use plenty of transition words. Also, be sure to keep this table handy as a reference. Table 2: examples of transition words.  Transition words make you a better writer!

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First of all, our focus is the travel industry. So that must be your focus. As a result, writers must write only articles appropriate to the chosen Travel Destinations topic. Write about one destination at a time.

Most of all, before posting please ensure your article or post meets our guidelines. Most importantly, writing for a digital publication is different than writing for a print magazine. So, please see Write For Us for our three  guidelines. Write well. Write often! Write now!

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Travel Destinations

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Travel Destinations

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