This Testimonials page is the place for Client Testimonials only. It is for clients to tell us what they thought of the services we provided for them in the past.


Client Testimonials


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Client Testimonials

To begin with, this Testimonials page is for Client Testimonials only. Moreover, this space is for client Reviews. Indeed, this is where clients may tell us what they thought of the services that we provided for them in the past.


How to write a Client Review

First, we so very much appreciate it that you may consider writing a review for us. Good client reviews are great for our business. In fact, we would love to receive your review. However, we must make sure neither of are saying anything that could create legal issues.

Furthermore, the reason we seek positive client reviews is simple. They show our clients trust us, create goodwill, and help potential clients see our brand history in a positive light. But there are some things you need to watch out for when using them. When you give an Endorsement or testimonial, truth-in-advertising laws come into play.

Simply speak the truth with no mixture of truth and error, and without exaggeration. Then all will be well.

Writing a legitimate (hopefully positive) review is simple. Just like with writing an article there is a simple formula. We call it the 5W+H formula. Indeed, this formula simply use the words Who, What, When Where, Why, and How to say what needs wish to say.

Lastly, be sure to mention the specific service(s) in your review that we provided you. For instance, copywriting, content marketing advice, how we helped you better market your brand using digital marketing etc.


Negative Reviews

First, I truly cannot conceive of our receiving a negative review. And yet we know it happens.However, in my experience, it is almost always from miscommunication. So if you have something negative to say about us, would you please let me try to resolve it first?

Thank You

Most importantly, we want to thank our clients for allowing us to serve you.


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