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First of all,  you are required to be 13 years of age or older to subscribe to this site. Due to this, you will notice your birthdate is required below to access the registration form. Most importantly, accurately filling out our Registration Form is required to be given upgraded privileges. In addition, upgraded privileges include posting without needing approval, editing, expanded posting privileges, and to access some parts of this site.

About Our Menus

Especially relevant about this site is that it is called a dual site. International Travel Reviews is the publisher. Our online magazine is called “The International Travel Herald”.  Due to this, we have two menus. Therefore, the top menu is for our own pages. And the bottom menu is lists our topics. Therefore, this is where you will find all the topics you can read or write about. So, please refer to Our Menus for further instructions. So, let us know if you have any questions.

Our Writing Guidelines

Finally, before posting you must ensure that your article or post meets our guidelines. Most noteworthy, writing for a digital publication is different than writing for a print magazine. Each has their own requirements. So, please see Write For Us for our three sets of guidelines. And, give special attention to our SEO guidelines. And yes, SEO applies to writing articles.

Since online writing is different than print, additional SEO issues apply. Especially relevant to any online writing is good SEO. And good SEO is essential for digital publications. So, any writing done for us must follow good SEO principles.


No Advertising

Also, we want articles not advertisements. So, please do not include ads or affiliate links. Also, no self promotion. However, you may add your byline. And you may add a signature block. In addition, you may include a link to your website or blog.  Thank you for understanding.


And finally, If you have any questions about using the site, please use our Feedback Form. Furthermore, if you just want to contact us for any questions you may have, please use our Contact Form.

And, for more information about us, see About ITR

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So, do you need Business Services  for your travel business? Or, would you like to schedule a travel review? Just Write to Us. Or, Hire ITR For A Travel and Accessibility Review. Most of all, ITR helps tourism businesses to capitalize on the significant, and rapidly growing, sector of accessible travel. And, it is estimated that disabled travel in 2017 will exceed $300b. So, don’t miss out! Let us help you. Write Now! Write Often!


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