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International Travel Reviews (ITR) – World Travel Writers and Photographers Group was founded to promote a gold standard for providing timely, top notch, world class travel information for all travelers. Tourism is the most rapidly growing sectors of the world economy. So think global, and act local.

Our desire is to assist all travelers, including those with accessibility issues, in all aspects of their own safe travel, and promote safe tourism. From autistic Children and adults, to wheelchair bound travelers, ITR wants to ensure that all people are afforded safe, reliable, and affordable accessible travel.

We provide travel intelligence to help travelers know such things as: who to see for help, what to do in case of an emergency, when to travel for maximum savings, where to eat the best local foods, how to avoid pitfalls, and why you would want to travel to a particular location in the first place. We cover many other aspects of travel, including accessibility issues, necessary to have a safe, fun, and exciting travel experience for everyone.

We do this by visiting client locations related to the Travel & Tourism Industry, including newly found, and existing Historical Sites. We conduct our reviews, including an accessibility review regardless of whether the review is for informational, or tourism related purposes. We then publish the reviews in this magazine and other appropriate magazines, usually multiple magazines, relevant to the location.

We conduct a very thorough evaluation of our clients business or location. This includes accessibility features necessary to accommodate travelers with any type of disability. The reviews are enhanced by photographic documentation. We do this for travel sites, cities, and locations of interest to the Travel & Tourism Industry. We also provide reviews and photographic documentation to record for history – new and existing, historic sites, or for promoting Historical sites as travel and tourism destinations for our clients in both the private and government sectors. We publish our reviews in our own Online Travel Magazine and blog. We maximize the promotion of the business by also sending the reviews to appropriate related magazines, and newspaper travel sections.

We promote accessible travel for all people with accessibility issues from Autism to Wheelchair bound travelers. We strive to promote excellence in accessibility worldwide.

Because I am disabled, and use a power wheelchair, I will try to personally handle requests from those companies who are forward thinking enough to request an Accessibility Review when they book us for a Travel & Accessibility Review. This gives us additional outlets for promotion of the location we review. It saves them money by receiving a discount on our total review package, just for asking for something we will already provide. We want to reward those who are proactive about accessibility.

When we do a Travel Review, we will always include an Accessibility Review. Our accessibility reviews in the US and its territories is currently based on the ADA Checklist for Accessibility of Public Structures. We are not affiliated with the ADA, nor are our Accessibility Reviews, Official ADA Reviews. We do these Reviews as a courtesy to the disabled traveling public, and to judge the effectiveness of the current accessibility standards in place for a given business, site, or facility. We provide the client a copy of the checklist with basic recommendations for ways the site owners can become compliant and thereby claim their share of disabled traveler revenues

PLEASE NOTE: There is an Internet legend out there that we frequently hear from long established businesses that they were somehow ‘grandfathered in’ and they do not have to meet ADA Accessibility Standards. THAT IS NOT TRUE. We encourage businesses to contact the ADA for confirmation. There are stiff penalties and fines, per occurrence, that can be levied as well as criminal prosecution. It is not worth the chance to try and circumvent ADA requirements.

Let us help you to Be Proactive On Accessibility Issues! We will help avoid civil and criminal penalties, Will will also help you increase revenues by opening your location up to more clientele. Let us help you to do that!

We support the Open Doors Organization (ODO) who promotes accessibility worldwide. We encourage all public travel and tourism businesses to become ODO supporters. Supporting ODO helps them accomplish their mission of accessibility for all travelers. Your support can help your business identify areas likely to have accessibility issues as well. Further, it opens doors to increased revenues by letting disabled travelers know you are proactive, considerate, and caring about their accessibility needs, as well as those of the traveling public.

If you wish more information about ODO, contact Director of Programs, Laurel Van Horn Directly: or visit:

According to ODO’s 2015 Market Study: “The 2015 ODO study quantifies how much adults with disabilities spend on just their own travel—$17.3 billion annually, up from $13.6 billion in 2002. Since these individuals typically travel with one or more other adults, the economic impact is actually double, or $34.6 billion”.* Not a market segment you want to miss out on.

These figures have already increased dramatically in the 2017 travel year. Worldwide, individual disabled travel is expected to be over $100 billion dollars. Triple that to account for caretakers and family members. That is a potential $300 billion dollar a year revenue stream. Are you proactively going after this rapidly increasing segment of the travel industry?

If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us directly at

Feel free to discretely share our email with colleagues, friends,  and businesses who may be interested in our services.

ITR looks forward to hearing from you soon regarding how we can best help your tourism business. Whether private location, city, state or country, ITR will help you to become the tourism hot spot you should be, and to help you become known for being proactive regarding accessibility. This will increase your revenues and will be a win win for everyone.

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