Our Menus

Our Menus

 Our Menus

First of all, thank you for your interest in us. We appreciate your interest in our site as a reader and as a writer. Likewise, if you want to Write For Us we welcome you. Accordingly, we wanted to explain our menus.

Why Two Menus

First, this is what is called a dual site.  That is to say, International Travel Reviews is the publisher for this site. While the online magazine we publish is called “The International Travel Herald”.

Most importantly, we have two menus. Therefore  I wanted to explain the purpose behind it. In particular, for our mobile users. Our Mobile users may see the two sets of three lines and wonder why our menus are like this. In this case, for mobile users this means a collapsible menu. So, you click on or touch the menu and it opens.

What are the two menus for?

Our menus are divided into two menus. First, the top menu is for pages relating to International Travel Reviews. These are our information pages.  The Home page, About ITR etc. Second, our menus include the writing categories for “The International Travel Herald”.  Therefore, this is the list of all the categories under which you may write. See Write For Us. In Addition, the names you see are first level categories. When you however your mouse over them, or touch them for mobile users, they expand to reveal subcategories. Therefore, the same goes for the subcategories and so forth.

If you have any questions about using the site, please use our Feedback Form. If you simply want to leave a comment use our Contact Form.

Finally, for more information about us, see About ITR

So, start submitting your articles/posts now. Register for free. And, if you are interested in working with us, please email your resume to HR@IntlPubGrp.com

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Inverness, Florida


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