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To begin with, this Feedback page is for registered site users only. Moreover, this space is for member reports about the site only, and not for comments about whether or not one likes the site. In fact, we ask that you use the Comment Form for that. Indeed, this is where registered site users may tell us of technical issues or problems they have had with using the site.

We appreciate site reports so do not hesitate to contact us if you have an issue using the website, Most importantly, remember we are here for you.


How to write a Feedback Report

First, we so very much appreciate it that you may consider sending us you comments about site issues. Good feedback helps us to improve our services for everyone. In fact, we would love to receive your feedback.

Furthermore, the reason we seek Feedback is simple. Thus, if something is broken, or doesn’t work properly, we need to fix it.

Simply speak the truth with no mixture of truth and error, and without exaggeration. Then all will be well.

Writing a legitimate, helpful site report is simple. Just like with writing an article there is a simple formula. We call it the 5W+H formula. Indeed, this formula simply uses the words Who, What, When Where, Why, and How to say what you wish to say. Moreover, this helps you specifically describe the problem, so that we can take the best and quickest action to resolve it.


Negative Feedback

First, I truly cannot conceive of our receiving a negative feedback in an uncivil tone from our members. Yet, we know it happens.However, in my experience, it is almost always from miscommunication. So if you have something negative to say about us, would you please let me try to resolve it first?


Thank You

Most importantly, we want to thank our members for allowing us to serve you.


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