Writing Guidelines for The International Travel Herald

Writing Guidelines For

The International Travel Herald



Rick Stoneking Sr. CEO

Inverness, Florida

Heather Pendley, Submissions Editor SE@IntlPubGrp.com

Writing Guidelines for The International Travel Herald

First of all, thank you for your interest. Second, please review these Writing Guidelines for The International Travel Herald. Third, we require adherence to the Writing Guidelines for The International Travel Herald. Fourth, this includes Business Services articles, Travel Articles, Family Travel Stories or any other writing done for us. Lastly, we require you to conform to AP Style guidelines.

Most importantly, International Travel Reviews is looking for writers who can adhere to the Writing Guidelines of  “The International Travel Herald”.

The topics shown on our site

Importantly, for those willing to follow our “Writing Guidelines”, our site presents a variety of writing options to consider. First, we have over 100 topics. Second, if we do not have the topic you want, we will create it for you. Third, we off the best writing platform available. Thus, we make you a better writer.

Contact Our Submissions Editor

Lastly, if you enjoy our articles, please leave a comment. As well, if you have any questions please contact our submissions editor.

Email:  SE@IntlPubGrp.com

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Rick Stoneking Sr. CEO
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Inverness, Florida

About The Author

Rick Stoneking Sr, is a retired, disabled, veteran, minister and former federal agent. However, he is now the Founder/Owner/CEO of International Publishing Group, LLC (IPG), and International Travel Reviews (ITR). Moreover, Rick is also a Disability Advocate. As a result, he promotes Accessible Travel for everyone.

Why Hire ITR

Why Hire ITR? First of all, as a business services provider, we recognize that you could use an in-house solution. Even so, there are a number of reasons why hiring us is more cost effective. Of course, a cost benefit analysis will help you determine the correct course for your company.  Nevertheless, the cost of retaining us, is usually a better option. Moreover, it completely eliminates your HR costs. So hire ITR today!


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