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Writer Compensation Information

First, for more information about Writer Compensation, please see the articles in the dropdown menu for information. Next, please read  “Cash Is Not Always King for Writers”. Finally, be sure to read all of our Writing Guidelines. . Certainly, we want to thank you for visiting. And, we always need writers.


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As noted above, we need writers. Especially, we need Business Writers and Travel Writers. Obviously, everyone has articles that do not get accepted for paid publishing. However, that doesn’t mean they should not be published. Certainly, we can publish them for you. Just contact us.

Most importantly, if you agree with our Writer Compensation, we would be happy to have you join us. So, if you would like to write for us, please message our submissions editor.  Let her know that you would like to send us some articles.

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First, if you have questions about , Writer Compensation, please let us know using our Contact Form. Thank You.

Most of all, if you enjoy our website please leave a comment. Certainly feel free to share this with other writers. In addition, please share this on social media by simply clicking the icons on the right of this page. Lasslty, “The International Travel Herald” is a family, and like a family, we want to talk to each other in a civil way. Certainly, we thank you for your support.



Obviously, a site as complex as ours will always have bugs pop up from time to time. So, if you experience any problems with this site, please let us know. Also, if you have suggestions to make it better, please use our Feedback Form. Certainly, we would love to hear from you.


People With Disabilities

Most importantly, if you are a Person With Disabilities, contact us. Indeed, we want to be known as the accessible company. We always want accessibility articles. Of course, we always want accessible travel articles as well. Indeed, if you are a PWD contact us. Lastly, Iam a PWD also.

2 Your Success™

Rick Stoneking Sr. CEO
International Publishing Group, LLC™
and International Travel Reviews™
Publisher of “The International Travel Herald
Inverness, Florida

About The Author

Rick Stoneking Sr. is the Founder/Owner of International Publishing Group and InternationalTravelReviews.com, a division of IPG. ITR  publishes of The International Travel Herald.

Rick is also a Disability Advocate. As a result, he promotes Accessible Travel for everyone. Indeed, Rick has written in one form or another for over forty years. His published articles appeared in multiple genres in both Christian and secular circles.

About ITR

International Travel Reviews (ITR) was founded to promote a gold standard for providing timely, top notch, world class travel intelligence with an emphasis on High Travel Safety And Travel Security Standards. We assist all travelers, including those with accessibility issues, in all aspects of their own safe travel, and to promote safe, accessible tourism worldwide

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Cash Is Not Always King For Writers

Cash Is Not Always King For Writers. We provide many thousands of dollars of marketing and promotion for our writers. This includes up to three links in every article to websites, blogs, social media etc. Cash isn't the only form of payment. Further, we offer a unique writing platform designed to make even the best writer a better writer. True payment may include many things, some much more valuable than cash.

Cash Is Not Always King For Writers

Cash Is Not Always King For Writers. Not paying writers in cash isn’t bad. Cash isn’t the only form of payment.True payment may include many things