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First of all, this the place for travelers to submit their own independent traveler reviews of the places they visited. Due to this, traveler reviews should be professionally written. In addition, this is not the place to bash companies because of perceived differences. Lastly, we expect you to list both the pros and the cons of the place reviewed objectively.

Independent Reviews

Traveler reviews are reviews submitted by individual travelers, These travelers have elected to publish their reviews in our magazine. Since these traveler reviews are independent reviews, they do not imply endorsement by ITR. In other words, they are not official reviews by ITR.

Article Guidelines

Review all of our article guidelines under “Write For Usbefore  submitting.  Articles should be 900 to 1200 words and about places actually visited. Also, you may include up to five well described photos. In addition, words in the photo descriptions do not count toward the article words. Furthermore, bylines may be added. Also, a signature block with a ling to your website or blog is OK. furthermore, we do not pay for articles so the writer retains copyright

Our Submission Guidelines

Most of all, before posting you must ensure your article or post meets our Submission Guidelines. Writing for a digital publication is different than writing for a print magazine. See Write For Us for our three sets of guidelines. These are very important.

Article SEO Guidelines

In addition, you must follow our Article SEO Guidelines. Since online writing is different than print, additional considerations apply. Especially relevant to any online writing are SEO issues. SEO is essential for online writing. So, any writing done for us must follow good SEO principles. So, give special attention to our SEO guidelines. It will make you a better writer! And then we both win.

Fairness Expected

Also, please be fair. Also, you should include both the pros and the cons. Furthermore, this is not the place for bashing. Lastly, we expect honest reviews that other travelers can use.

Thank you. We look forward to your reviews. Be safe. Have fun. Write often.

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No Advertising

Also, we want articles not advertisements. So, please do not include ads or affiliate links. Also, no self promotion. However, you may add your byline. And you may add a signature block. In addition, you may include a link to your website or blog. Thank you for understanding.

Hire ITR

So, do you need Business Services  for your travel business? Or,you want to schedule a travel review? Just Write to Us. Or, Hire ITR For A Travel and Accessibility Review. Most of all, ITR helps tourism businesses to capitalize on the rapidly growing accessible travel market. And, it is estimated that disabled travel in 2017 will exceed $300b. So, don’t miss out! Let us help you.  So, Write Now! Write often! What are you waiting for?

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