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First of all, we want to thank you for visiting our Business Services section. At the same time, we want to introduce you to the major services we provide for you. Thus we have listed the major categories below.

Second, our Business Services are provided by an expert in each field. And each expert comes from the overall travel community.

Third, we ask that you review our article titled “Why Hire ITR“.

What is the Differences In Your Services and IPG?

International Travel Reviews™ and our parent company – International Publishing Group, LLC,  offer similar services. Consequently, which company services you use, depends on your focus. In this case, whether you  hire one over the other is simply a matter of whether or not you are involved with the travel and tourism industry. In contrast, they are the same in terms of services, they are different in terms of expertise.

Particularly, IPG provides Business Services to the General Business community. Therefore, IPG draws their experts from the general business community.

On the other hand, ITR focuses on the travel industry. So, all the services provide come from experts in the travel industry. In particular, these experts come from your segment of the travel industry. We will not have a B2B business copywriter writing copy for a restaurant and vice versa. Of course, if they also are restaurant qualified, they would serve you well.

For example, for clients in the hospitality industry who need us to develop their copywriting or web copy, our experts will know the hospitality industry. Likewise, if you are a cruise line, our experts will know the cruise industry.


Our Major Business Services Categories

Major Business Services categories include:

Each category has subcategories further explaining how that service benefits you.


Finally, how we write for you is as important as what services we provide for you. As a matter of fact, online writing is different than print. So there are additional issues to consider. To begin with, online writing requires  SEO considerations. Our writers must use good SEO techniques for any writing project they do for you. As a result, any writing done for online use must follow good Article SEO Guidelines. Our Copywriting services all include good SEO principles.

Furthermore, our experts write all copy for the web or print publications according to good SEO principles. This just makes for better writing overall.

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