Meet Our Editors

Meet Our Editors


The International Publishing Group
and its Divisions Including
International Travel Reviews
The International Travel Herald

Rick Stoneking Sr. CEO

Heather Pendley, Editor

Meet Our Editors

First, Meet Our Editors. Accordingly, our Editorial staff for The International Publishing Group, LLC™, International Travel Reviews™, and The International Travel Herald™ are listed below. In particular, some company positions overlap, As well, some editorial positions overlap.

Writer Compensation

We encourage you to Meet Our Editors. However, we also want you to understand our unique compensation plan. Although we don’t pay writers in cash, we offer fantastic compensation. So, please remember: “Cash Is Not Always King For Writers

2 Your Success™

Rick Stoneking Sr. CEO
International Publishing Group, LLC™
and International Travel Reviews™ a
Division of IPG
Inverness, Florida

About The Author

To begin with, Rick Stoneking Sr. is the Founder/Owner of International Publishing Group. As well he founded and owns .  Indeed, after founding IPG Rick made ITR a division of IPG. Accordingly, ITR publishes The International Travel Herald online travel magazine.

Furthermore, Rick is also a Disability Advocate. As a result, he promotes Accessible Travel for everyone.

Lastly, Rick has written in one form or another for over forty years. In particular, his published articles appeared in multiple genres in both Christian and secular circles.

About ITR

Most importantly, International Travel Reviews (ITR) was founded to promote a gold standard for providing timely, top notch, world class travel intelligence. As a result, we emphasize High Travel Safety And Travel Security Standards. Likewise, we assist all travelers, including those with accessibility issues, in all aspects of their own safe travel. Thus, we promote safe, accessible tourism for everyone worldwide

Our Copy Editor/Proofreader/Submissions Editor

To begin with, Heather Pendley, is our primary editor.As a result, she works hard to help make sure your articles are perfect. As well, she has her own editing business. Thus, if you need an editor, copy editor, or proofreader, contact her at . As well, we highly recommend Heather. Lastly, she does a fantastic job for us. Thanks Heather.

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