About International Travel Reviews

ITR promotes tourism through many avenues. Especially through our travel magazine: "The International Travel Herald". Furthermore, we provide Business Services for the overall tourism industry. ITR provides a gold standard in timely, top-notch, world-class travel intelligence. Most importantly, we focus on Sustainable Tourism for Economic, Social and Environmental Development. Tourism is a rising tide that lifts all boats, and if properly managed it benefits the entire world

About International Travel Reviews

International Travel Reviews

“The International Travel Herald”


Rick Stoneking Sr. CEO

Heather Pendley, Submissions Editor SE@IntlPubGrp.com


About ITR

First, a little information about International Travel Reviews ™ (ITR). ITR is a disabled and Veteran-Owned Business. Second, we promote Accessible Travel and Sustainable Tourism. Third, Rick Stoneking Sr. is the owner and founder of International Publishing Group, LLC ™ (IPG). International Travel Reviews ™ (ITR) is a division of IPG.


UNWTO Code OF Ethics

Above all, International Travel Reviews ™ subscribes to, and abides by the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. As a result, all that we do is honest, up front, and above-board. So, should you ever have an issue, please write to me using our Contact Form. Also, please use “Code Of Ethics Complaint” as your subject. Most importantly, we will not tolerate unethical behavior.


About International Publishing Group, LLC™

First, International Publishing Group™ (IPG) is a Business Services, General News Media, Travel Publishing, and Disability Advocate company. Second, we serve both the International Business and the Travel Business community.

Furthermore, we’re Influencers and Klout recognized experts in all of our core business services.

Specifically, our core services include the following services.

  • Publishing
  • Travel Writing
  • Copywriting
  • All Content Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • Assistance with Content Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Travel Safety & Security
  • Terrorism Information
  • Travel Intelligence
  • Lastly, we promote Accessibility on Land, Air and Sea.


Our Gold Standard

First, About ITR – Tourism. ITR promotes tourism through many avenues especially through our travel magazine: “The International Travel Herald“. Second, we offer Business Services for the tourism industry.

Most importantly, ITR provides a gold standard in timely, top-notch, world-class travel intelligence. In essence, we focus on sustainable tourism for economic, social and environmental development. Of course, these are the three pillars of Sustainable Tourism outlined by the UNWTO. Likewise, we believe tourism is a rising tide that lifts all boats. So, if properly managed, it benefits the entire world

In addition, our unique, in-depth, strategic travel review system greatly emphasizes travel safety and security standards. Thus, we give the travel intelligence necessary for everyone to have a safe, fun and exciting vacation.

About ITR 5W+H Writing Success Formula

Of course, to talk About ITR – we must mention our Success Formula. Obviously, we cannot talk about ITR without talking about our math equation for good writing. That is our 5W+H formula. In short, we include the who, what when, where, why, and how questions people need to know. For instance, Who to know for help and information. What to do and What not to do and What to avoid. We tell you When to travel for the best deals and When are the best times of day to eat. Also, we show you Where to get the best meals. Where to go for fun and excitement. We tell you Why you should visit one place or another and How to get there safely. Also, How you can relate to the locals.

For more information about this, please read our latest post.

Using Math To Become A Better Writer


About ITR Travel Reviews

First, our review of each tourism business covers all aspects of the business. For example, we review, the city, and where in the city the business is located. In addition, we also interview locals. Yet, most importantly, we talk to local authorities to discover safety concerns, public advisories, or other safety issues.

Primary Elements of our Travel Reviews

  1. Location reviews with supporting photography

  2. Accessibility reviews – determine level of compliance

    Of course, our reviews are “For Information Purposes Only”. So we do what we can to help businesses meet accessibility laws & increase tourism revenues

  3. Travel intelligence reporting.

    A. Terror threats
    B. Travel safety and security issues
    C. Destination safety issues

  4. Historic site reviews.

    A. Current historic sites used for tourism
    B. New historic sites being considered for tourism

  5. Heritage travel site evaluations.

  6. Sustainable travel site impact evaluations.

    A. Economic
    B. Social
    C. Environment

  7. Business services evaluation.

    Lastly, Rick Stoneking Sr. is a Klout recognized expert in all core business services offered by IPG and ITR. Hire us to make sure your business has the best marketing available.


In summary, we hope you have found this page helpful. First, do you have any questions? If so, please use our Feedback Form. Second, we would love to hear from you, and that includes constructive criticism. Third, please help us to become better partners. Obviously, we want are here for you, so tell us what you need! Fourth, let us know what you like and what you do not like. Most of all, this site is for you. Obviously we would appreciate you becoming a part of our family.

Lastly, please, don’t forget we need writers. Moreover, click this link if you would like to write for us. Obviously, without good content we are nothing. So, please start submitting your articles/posts now. Also you may Register for free. And, if you have an interest in working or writing for us, please email your résumé to HR@IntlPubGrp.com. Also, don’t forget we also want Brand Ambassadors.


Finally, if you would like to volunteer, email me directly. Obviously, I want to hear from you. And, of course, we thank you for your support.

Contact Us

As noted above, if you have questions please contact us:


2 Your Success ™

Rick Stoneking Sr. CEO
International Publishing Group, LLC ™
International Travel Reviews ™ a Division of IPG
Inverness, Florida

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