Florida Travel And Tourism Part 5

Florida Travel And Tourism Part 5

Florida Travel And Tourism

Part 5



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Florida Travel And Tourism Part 5 SCUBA TOURISM

Bookmark this page right now. Florida Travel And Tourism Part 5 presents information on Scuba Tourism in Florida. Included below are many links.

Of course, only Florida gives you the opportunity to vacation, and enjoy three separate bodies of water. Florida has the Atlantic Ocean on the east. The Caribbean to the south. And, the Gulf of Mexico on the west. Each has its own diverse ecosystem on land and underwater. Yet, many more dive sites exist. These include hundreds of freshwater dive sites. And, don’t forget about diving with the Manatees!

When it comes to scuba diving and snorkeling, Florida waters offer the most diverse diving and snorkeling experiences available. Whether you prefer fresh water snorkeling and diving, or saltwater snorkeling and diving, Florida has it all. As well, snorkeling is available to nearly everyone. So be sure to check out Florida Scuba Diving and Snorkel Information for Florida Visitors


SCUBA Diving In Florida

In fact, Florida has over 1,000 miles of coastlines. In addition, some of the most famous wreck sites in the world. So, with WWII ships like the Oriskany, scuba diving and snorkeling is a constant in Florida. Aquarius Reef Base is just one such opportunity. This is an underwater adventure available for more than just Aquanauts. It is a prime dive location for Scuba Tourism.

For the above-water types or land-lubbers, there is a webcam normally going that allows you to check it out from the dry safety of your living room. At 63 feet, Aquarius Reef Base is a little too deep for snorkeling, but the water is so clear you may be able to make it out. After all, it is the size of a school bus. In fact, it is almost the same size as the International Space Station!

You could get deep enough to see it by using a snorkeling technique called free diving, but this is dangerous, takes much practice, and should never ever be done alone. Still, there is so much underwater adventure available for tourists that you could come here year after year and always experience something new, even at the same dive sites! So come visit all the alien creatures in our waters.


Accessible Diving For The Disabled

Above all, for those with accessibility needs, be sure to read Information for Florida Keys Visitors with Disabilities. Florida is one of the country’s most accessible vacation destinations for scuba and snorkeling. In fact, Florida offers scuba diving for all people without regard to most physical limitations. Certainly a positive influence. So, it is no surprise that Florida has a number of dive opportunities, and dive training sites, for the disabled. Check them out below.


Thank You Veterans

Most importantly, scuba serves as a therapy for our military veterans with disorders like PTSD. Likewise, Scuba helps restore confidence in veterans who have lost limbs and friends. As well, scuba diving helps combat depression because of the team nature of diving. Our veterans should never be alone. And no one should dive alone. So, be sure to check out the Diveheart link below. Diveheart focuses on abilities not disabilities!


Scuba Diving Tours On Florida’s Nature Coast

Florida Travel And Tourism Part 5 presents Florida’s Nature Coast, an extraordinary area for scuba diving, snorkeling, and other water related activities. But it is also great for the land-lubbers among us. In addition to scuba and snorkeling, it has fantastic hiking and riding trails allowing you to see a diverse amount of both underwater and above water fish and wildlife.

There are also Scuba tours offered throughout the state like Fresh Water Diving offered by Crystal River Watersports. Crystal River Watersports is a PADI 5-Star dive center for Eco Tours on Florida’s Nature Coast.

Florida Scuba Diving Links

Freshwater Dive Sites

Map of Florida Spring locationsFlorida Springs Map

Diving Florida’s Fresh Water Springs – YouTube

Florida Scuba Diving and Cave Diving

Fresh Water Diving

Diving the Devil’s Den – Florida, USA

Undersea Dive Sites

USA: Florida – Dive Spots

Florida’s Best Diving Spots| VisitFlorida.com

Diving Florida and the Florida Keys | PADI

Palm Beach Diving – The Scuba Club – Diving the Treasure Coast

Best scuba diving in Florida Keys

Scuba diving in Florida for Beginners

Florida Travel And Tourism Part 5 – Scuba Diving sites and training for The Disabled

Importantly, Florida scuba diving centers strive for excellence in accessibility. In fact, Florida has a number of dive opportunities, and dive training sites for the disabled.

Handicapped SCUBA Association: HSA

Adaptive SCUBA | Florida Dive Pros

Florida Underwater Sports | Disabled Diver Programs

Diving Disabled Is a Liberating Experience

Diveheart  – Diveheart focuses on abilities not disabilities


Florida Travel And Tourism Part 5 – Scuba Diving Links For Disabled Veterans

New mission for disabled military veterans: Helping restore coral reefs

Veterans Ocean Adventures helps disabled veterans

Soldiers Undertaking Disabled SCUBA (SUDS)  have had fun in Florida

Veteran’s Dive Training – Sea Experience Sea Experience VA Approved

Disabled Divers – Tampa Florida Scuba Diving Trip

New mission for disabled military veterans: Helping restore coral reefs

Your Educational Moment

I always try to make my articles educational. Florida Travel And Tourism Part 5 offers a great deal of information and resources. So, bookmark this page for future reference. Also, the link and question below offers your very own educational moment. What Is the Difference Between a Dry suit and A Wetsuit?



Finally, we hope Florida Travel And Tourism Part 5 helped you to know more about Florida Scuba Tourism. Obvious;y, we want you to enjoy every aspect of Florida tourism. Do you have your own story to tell? Send it to us. Be sure to read our Writing Guidelines first. Admittedly, there were many links. So, bookmark this page for later reference. Lastly, if you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment.

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