Using Math To Become A Better Writer

Using Math To Become A Better Writer

Using Math To Become A Better Writer


Rick Stoneking Sr. CEO

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Using Math To Become A Better Writer

Using Math To Become A Better Writer? Most people would not associate math with writing. However, some of the most famous writers in history have learned the secret to mathematical precision in writing.  Here is an excellent article about the relationship between mathematics and writing.

“Fiction writers have rarely expressed such earnest appreciation for mathematical aesthetics. That’s a shame, because mathematical precision and imagination can be a salve to a literature that is drowning in vagueness of language and theme. ” Why Writers Should Learn Math – By Alexander Nazaryan November 2, 2012


The Basics of Digital Writing

Writing for a digital magazine is different from writing for a print magazine. As well, writing for “The International Travel Herald” requires unique content. For instance, writing about worldwide travel requires new and up to date material. The qualities we look for in a well written “digital” article include Using Math To Become A Better Writer. Some of the most famous writers in history have learned the secret to mathematical precision in writing. Articles for us should have these qualities.

  • Professionally written articles.
  • Articles well edited for grammar, spelling, Style and Readability.
  • Good SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Good SEO is essential to all digital content.


About ITR’s 5W+H=BW Writing Success Formula

Using Math To Become A Better Writer is about developing an easy to read but informative article. The global traveler needs expert advice to have the best and safest journey possible. That is why ITR uses its own proprietary math formula for better writing. Obviously, we cannot talk about ITR without talking about our math equation for good writing. That is our 5W+H=BW™ formula. In short, we include the 5W+H (who, what when, where, why, plus how) questions which equals you becoming a BW (Better Writer). This helps you tell people what they need to know about anything you write.

For instance, in a travel article you could inform them about their travel destination by telling them the following.

  • Who to know for help and information.
  • What to do, What not to do, and What to avoid.
  • When to travel for the best deals, and When are the best times of day to eat.
  • Where to get the best meals, or Where to go for fun and excitement.
  • Why you should visit one place or another, and
  • How to get there safely, as well as How to relate to the locals.


Travel Intelligence

The 5W+H=BW formula is more than just a writing formula. Using Math To Become A Better Writer is also the foundation for development of Travel Intelligence. We founded International Travel Reviews (ITR) to promote a gold standard for providing timely, top-notch, world-class travel intelligence. As well, we emphasize High Travel Safety And Travel Security Standards. Moreover, we use our formula in developing a travel intelligence scenario for each of our travel reports.

Using Math To Become A Better Writer – Breaking It Down

  • Who

    Who to know for help and information. The #1, most important person on this list is a knowledgeable Travel Agent. We will soon publish an article on why you should always use a travel agent. We are not a travel agency. However, for travel, we always want to book through a competent and well experienced travel agent. Travel Agent’s are like having insurance against those things that inevitably happen that are out of your control.

  • What

What to do. Planning your trip is essential to get the best out of your vacation. You cannot do it all, so plan for what you most want to do.

What not to do. You must also know in advance What not to do. Countries other than your own may have drastically different laws, rules, and regulations that you must follow. So, know this in advance.

What to Avoid. You must also know What to avoid. This is especially true of customs, rituals and foods of other countries. Most Americans would probably regurgitate if they learned the chicken or pork they just ate was actually a dog or a cat

  • When

When to travel for the best deals. This could save you a lot of money. As well, When are the best times of day to eat. This can help you either join the crowd or avoid it. Likewise, prices often vary by time of day.

  • Where


Where to get the best meals. 5 Stars doesn’t always equal the best. Sometimes a mom and pop type shop or restaurant has far better food.  Where to go for fun and excitement or solitude. This is a given since, after all, you are on vacation. Unless of course you took your vacation for quiet and solitude.  Still, you should know in advance where you can find the best of either one.

  • Why

Why you should visit one place or another. As noted above, you cannot do it all and see it all. So, research Why should you visit one place or another. Do what you, and your children, most want to do and enjoy.

  • How

How to get there safely includes knowing everything from what airline to fly to remote locations, to what tour company offers the best and most knowledgeable tour guides. Furthermore, How to relate to the locals is a critical piece of information that can save you from much embarrassment. This reminds me of a story from a missionary. He learned basic Spanish, but there are dozens of dialects of Spanish. Sometime words have different meanings for the same word. He could not understand why, when he was shouting to get a taxi, the drivers would make rude gestures or speed away. Finally, a kind local explained to him that the word he was using that he thought meant taxi, actually in that country, meant garbage truck!


Writers:  Keep A Journal

Using Math To Become A Better Writer helps travel writers and travel bloggers.  In fact, it helps any writer even book writers. For Travel Writers, this simple formula 5W+H=BW™ starts even before the journey. First, use the formula as an outline. Second, add to each one as you go, making changes on the fly. So, be sure to keep a journal. It can be digital, hard copy, or both. Obviously we recommend both. Moreover, it is always nice to have a backup. First, you can write highlights to jog your memory in the written journal, For instance, in case your digital journal is lost, stolen,  or deleted. Second, the advantage of using a digital journal is the ability to copy/paste, edit and refine on the fly. Third, by keeping a digital journal, you actually write the article as things happen.  Finally, all you have to do is edit and publish.



In short, mathematics and writing go hand in hand. Using Math To Become A Better Writer as a tool for better writing has many elements. Indeed, the logical precision of mathematics combined with the flair of writing is compelling. Moreover, mathematics helps writers develop a precision that guides the reader in a logical sequence.  This prevents the meandering journeys mentioned in our previous article “How To Write Your Best Article“.


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