Cash Is Not Always King For Writers

Cash Is Not Always King For Writers. We provide many thousands of dollars of marketing and promotion for our writers. This includes up to three links in every article to websites, blogs, social media etc. Cash isn't the only form of payment. Further, we offer a unique writing platform designed to make even the best writer a better writer. True payment may include many things, some much more valuable than cash.

Cash Is Not Always King For Writers

Cash Is Not Always King for Writers

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First, let me thank you for your interest in writing for the International Publishing Group, LLC, and our other publications. This includes business writing for IPG, International Travel Reviews, and The International Travel Herald, our online travel magazine. Second, we believe our unique compensation plan is the most valuable plan of any magazine. So, by the end of this article, we believe you will readily agree that Cash Is Not Always King for Writers. Thank you again for considering us as an outlet for your special talents

Cash Is Not Always King for Writers

To begin with, the reason why we initially wrote this article is because we have heard these responses too many times: “I do not work for free!” Some writers are quite vicious in their responses. Cash Is Not Always King for Writers may help them get over that bad attitude and help writers realize that sometimes it is not all about “cash”. People who make such statements would do well to take a look at where they are today and how they got there. No doubt, they received a tremendous amount of free help and advice for which they never paid anything. They forget those who helped them achieve the success they have today. We believe it is important to “give back” or “Pay It Forward” once you have become successful, especially for all the “free” help you received. Furthermore, it is just basic human compassion to help someone else to get their start in life. Also, check this great movie titled “Pay It Forward“. It is a heartwarming film.


Cash Is Not The Only Form of Payment

At “The International Travel Herald”, we believe that cash is not always king for writers. Why? First of all, cash is not the only form of payment; sometimes, other things are much more valuable. Second, the promotion and recognition we give alone is worth far more than a just a cash payment. Third, we are a new publishing company, so right now a “cash” payment is not an option. Fourth, you would have to pay many thousands of dollars to receive the marketing, training, promotion, and recognition we offer.


Don’t Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face

Indeed, I grew up hearing this saying Don’t Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face. Basically, according to Wikipedia it is:

an expression to describe a needlessly self-destructive over-reaction to a problem: “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” is a warning against acting out of pique, or against pursuing revenge in a way that would damage oneself more than the object of one’s anger.[1]

Writers who demand to be paid in a few cents per word in cash, while overlooking thousands of dollars they could have received in marketing and promotion, are a good example of this.  Here is a resource to put this in perspective.

How Much Should Freelance Writers Charge Per Word?

In our experience, there’s a broad range: between $0.03 and $0.30 per word. Our articles range in length from 900 to 1200 words. We allow up to 2000 words. So, at the maximum of $0.30 per word, and the maximum of 2000 words, you would only receive $600.00.  Contrast that with thousands of dollars you would have to spend to get the kind of marketing and promotion we provide. As well, this goes far into the future since we insure that all articles are promoted on Social Media, and in search engines where they have an almost indefinite lifespan,


The Basis For This Article

Recently, “The International Travel Herald” received some very negative, even snide, remarks about our not paying for articles. However, a great number of popular magazines do not do so. Yet, these magazine have some of the top writers in the industry. Some people even suggested we are not “professional” because we do not pay writers. Of course, that is absurd. So, let me address those issues in this article “Cash Is Not Always King for Writers.”


Understanding Why Cash Is Not Always King for Writers

We at the “The International Travel Herald” want you to understand why we believe “Cash Is Not Always King for Writers”.  So, here are a few examples:

  • First, we ask no one to write for free.
  • Second, we believe a place exists for new  travel publishers like ours.
  • Third, we offer valuable compensation of far greater value than you would receive if we simply paid you cash. Does the magazine you write for do that?
  • Fourth, as a new startup, we cannot pay writers in cash because we could not raise startup capital. I am elderly and disabled. Apparently that is anathema to the funding community. As a result, I could not raise startup funds, even from “friends” using GoFundMe.


You Could Write Your Own Blog — and Probably Do

Of course, you could write your own blog. Obviously anyone can write a blog, and then tell their friends about it on social media.  But here are some things to consider:

  • For example, you could promote it to anyone.
  • But if you want to make money from your writing, you have to monetize it.
  • That means you coming up with ways to monetize it, and then you market it.
  • Or you could sell your own property (your writing or images) to a magazine. Obviously, that often means giving away ownership of your property.
  • Perhaps, you could market it yourself so you make money from it without giving up your ownership.
  • Do you really have the skills to do extensive marketing and promotion?
  • Do you really have the time not only to write, but also to promote yourself via multiple marketing channels?
  • As well, do you have your own Omni-Channel marketing tactics to best promote your blog?
  • Do you have the time to do all it takes to be successful as a writer?

The key to all of those statements is you! You doing everything, on your own.


Benefits Of Writing For The International Travel Herald

We believe the benefits of writing for The International Travel Herald outweigh simply paying “cash” to writers. We see ourselves as an incubator to create truly great “digital” writers. This includes “seasoned” print professionals, and those who may be new to this genre.  For instance:

  • Writing for us is worth its weight in gold for many reasons as this article explains.
  • Recognition. We are a great place to gain recognition, especially for new writers and those changing genre.
  • Better Writing. We help all writers to become better writers. As Google truly begins cracking down and enforcing their latest algorithms, many “Travel Writer” blogs will no longer show up in SERPs. Why? Because they lack the SEO structure and readability that we and Google require.
  • Free Training in Digital Writing. We teach you how to write excellent article SEO content. This benefits even seasoned professional writers from the print community.
  • You save thousands of dollars by not having to attend “Writer’s Conferences” to learn what we teach you for free.
  • No costs for having to purchase writing courses.
  • Change Agent. Most importantly, we show you how to stay ahead of major changes coming for digital publications, whether you write your own blog or write for someone else.


We Save You More Money Than You Would Earn In Cash

The information here alone would be worth hundreds of dollars if you attended a paid seminar to learn about them. By writing for “The International Travel Herald”, you get them free! Consider this article in Inc. Magazine. 4 Reasons You Should Work for Free… Obviously, this is what we want to convey here. Just because you do not receive “cash payment” from us does not mean you are not being compensated.  Another article from Entrepreneur magazine also makes the point for “writing for free” in their article titled When You Should Work for Free (Yes, Seriously). Lastly, Forbes makes the point about “working for free” in the article titled There Are Only 4 Times You Should Agree To Work for Free.

Search Engines

Here is a great article from Search Engine Land explaining why content is king when it comes to search engines:

Chapter 2: Content & search engine success factors

“Content is king. You’ll hear that phrase over and over again when it comes to SEO success. Indeed, that’s why the Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors begins with the content ‘elements’, with the very first element being about content quality.”

Google and other search engines already index “The International Travel Herald”, and our main sites. That means your articles and links will also be indexed.

 We Promote You

Certainly, another reason “Cash Is Not Always King for Writers”, involves promotion. When you write for “The International Travel Herald”, we help you promote your article. Why? Because it helps both of us to become more successful! Obviously, your success is our success. Additionally, we show you how to promote your site via links in your article  The list below shows some of the ways we promote you individually as well.


We Promote You Individually

Does the magazine you get paid to write for promote you personally? WE DO! When you write for most publications, you reach only their reader base. They do not individually promote you to their reader base, and they do not promote you outside their reader base. Obviously, there are many more readers out there who would love to read what you write, beyond a single magazine reader base.


Fourteen Ways That “The International Travel Herald” Promotes You

  1. Byline at the top of the page.
  2. Byline Promotion. Hyperlink your byline name back to your website, blog or social media site.
  3. Signature Block permitted for every article.
  4. Hyperlink your company within your signature block.
  5. About the Author may include a hyperlink.
  6. Hyperlinks provide excellent promotional opportunities for you since you may use different hyperlinks in the byline, signature block, and About The Author section.
  7. We promote you on our sites.
  8. Omni-Channel marketing tactics to best promote your blog. Visit this link for more information on Omni Channel Marketing.
  9. Featured Articles. Your article automatically receives promotion based on its popularity.
  10. Featured Author. We promote authors who write directly for us (staff writers), by listing them as “Featured Authors” when they write multiple articles. Volunteers who fill any staff position and write articles for us also show up as Featured Authors.
  11. Social Media. We promote each article on multiple social media channels.
  12. Outside Promotion. We often include articles written on our site in articles we write for outside publications.
  13. Client Promotional Materials. We often include articles written on our site in promotional materials that we send to clients.
  14. Search Engines. We aggressively work on maintaining correct search parameters to rank both our website and your articles in search engines. This is one of the reasons we require you to follow good Article SEO Guidelines.



Moreover, copyright issues give yet another reason that “Cash Is Not Always King for Writers.” Indeed, those who write for “The International Travel Herald” receive a byline and keep the copyright. You should note this in your articles. Many publications who pay you to write for them do not allow you to keep the copyright. This is especially true of many print publications.


Your Article, Your Property

Lastly, with “The International Travel Herald”, your article remains your property. That is the value of copyright. It establishes something you created as “your property”. It is true we do not pay you cash, but we also do not make you give us your property! We encourage you to list anything you create; whether articles, images, photographs, or artwork, with Binded. It is free and we are not an affiliate.  Protect Your Property!


Ten More Reasons Why Cash Is Not Always King for Writers

Writing for “The International Travel Herald”, especially for a less experienced writer, offers career advantages:

  1. Copyright. Most importantly, you retain the copyright. In fact, we recommend you use a copyright statement in your articles.
  2. Get unpublished articles published. Everyone has articles that do not get accepted for paid publishing. But that doesn’t mean you should not publish them. We can do that for you and increase your presence.
  3. Better digital writing. Writing for us helps you to become a better “digital” writer.
  4. AP style. We require you to become familiar with, and follow, AP style.
  5. Good SEO principles. You must write copy that adheres to good article SEO principles. Good article SEO principles not only produce better content, but are critical for a digital publication.
  6. Increased exposure for your writing. We market your article on social media. This helps you learn how to properly do so yourself.
  7. Professional writing platform. We offer a writing platform that helps you to do all the above.
  8. Build a list of references based on your work.
  9. Build a competitive resume and portfolio. Create an online resume or portfolio and link to it in every article.
  10. Peer recognition. Receive recognition from your peers as a professional writer, not simply another blogger.

Our submissions editor will look over your final draft before it gets published if you need suggestions.


Stop the Presses

Moreover can you write to a print publication and say, “I decided I want my article removed from your magazine”? Of course not, but you can with “The International Travel Herald”! Of coure, we cannot remove promotions already completed. However, we will remove an article you have written for us if you no longer want it to appear on our site. Can you do that with the online publication paying you cash to write for them? Again I say, “Cash Is Not Always King for Writers”.


Eight Other Benefits of Writing for “The International Travel Herald”

  1. Exposure
  2. Becoming a better writer
  3. Learning to use proper AP style techniques
  4. Learning to use proper article SEO techniques
  5. No publishing deadlines. We are an “Always On” digital publication
  6. A great place to gain exposure and constructive feedback
  7. You are not limited to a narrow list of topics
  8. You may write anytime, from anywhere


No Cash, No Problem

All in all, I hope you now see why “Cash Is Not Always King for Writers”. In fact, not paying our writers in cash is a very positive thing. As noted, cash isn’t the only form of payment. Certainly, true payment, or reward, includes many considerations. As a matter of fact, some forms of payment are worth far more than cash. Even so, the above list is only a few of the rewards we offer. Obviously, these are all valuable in helping you to become more successful as a writer. Furthermore, we offer these things to you, as a writer, for free. We could just create a course on how to become a better writer, but for now we prefer to use the “pay it forward” approach. To whom much is given, much is required. I believe that!


New Writers — Let Us Help You Get Started

As noted, we offer new writers a great place to gain exposure and constructive feedback. As well, our writing platform helps you to become a better writer. Indeed, that means becoming a more successful writer. Lastly, we thank you for your interest in writing for us. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  So, Come Write for Us!



Now do you understand why we believe Cash Is Not Always King for Writers? First, we do not ask anyone to write for free. Second, we offer you many benefits for writing for us. Third, for the above reasons, “The International Travel Herald” believes we offer far more value in services than you would receive by simply being paid cash. Fourth, our focus is on business services for the travel industry. However, this is only part of what we do at International Publishing Group (IPG), LLC. IPG publishes “The International Travel Herald”, our travel magazine with over 125 topics for contributors to write about, and we can add more if necessary. The Herald is part of our International Travel Reviews division. You are not limited to a narrow list of topics. You may write anytime, from anywhere. Above all, writing for a digital publication is different than writing for a print magazine. Obviously, this is because digital writing is meant for online consumption. Just as libraries have a system for making sure everything can be found in a logical manner, so must search engines; both require a structure that helps with readability. If you cannot find something, you cannot read it.



If you enjoyed “Cash Is Not Always King for Writers”, please leave a comment. Also, feel free to share this with other writers, and please share this on social media by simply clicking the icons on the right of this page. “The International Travel Herald” is a family, and like a family, we want to talk to each other in a civil way.



A site as complex as ours will always have bugs pop up from time to time. If you experience any problems with this site or if you have suggestions to make it better, please use our Feedback Form. 2 Your Success™ Rick Stoneking Sr. CEO Founder/Owner International Publishing Group, LLC™ and International Travel Reviews™ Publisher of “The International Travel Herald Inverness, Florida.


About The Author

Rick Stoneking Sr, is a retired, disabled, veteran and minister. He is the Founder/Owner of International Publishing Group, LLC (IPG) and International Travel Reviews (ITR)  ITR is now a division of IPG. IPG via ITR publishes The International Travel Herald – Supporting safe and barrier-free travel for all people. Please help us promote sustainable tourism and accessible travel for everyone worldwide.

Rick’s writing spans over forty years. His published articles appeared in multiple genres in both Christian and secular circles.  They include everything from police reports, to a Christian eBook, to a year long daily devotional series. Rick’s published articles and columns appeared in recognized state and international magazines.

His expertise as Owner/Founder of International Travel Reviews resulted in the award of twenty-two Expert rankings by

Rick has owned and operated more than twenty ministry websites. These include a Christian ISP, Christian Web Hosting, Christian Web Design, and Domain Registration Services.

Indeed, Rick Stoneking Sr. is the Founder/Owner of International Publishing Group, LLC™. Second, he is also the Founder/Owner of™ . Rick operated ITR as a sole proprietor. Second, ITR is now a division of IPG. Third, ITR publishes The International Travel Herald™ .

Indeed, Rick has written in one form or another for over forty years. His published books and articles appeared in multiple genres in both Christian and secular circles. Rick is also a Disability Advocate. As a result, he promotes Accessible Travel for everyone.


About ITR

To begin with, International Travel Reviews (ITR) was founded to promote a gold standard for providing timely, top notch, world class travel intelligence.  In addition, we emphasize High Travel Safety And Travel Security Standards. Furthermore, we assist all travelers, including those with accessibility issues, in all aspects of their own safe travel. Lastly, we promote safe and accessible tourism for everyone worldwide.


About Our Editor

Most importantly for us, Heather Pendley, plays a triple role for us. First, she is our Staff editor for company pages. Second, she serves as our proofreader for everything submitted to us and our own writing. Third, and most important to you, she is our Submissions Editor. We could not be more proud of Heather and the work she does for us. Moreover, Heather has her own editing and proofreading business called . Should you need a copyeditor or proofreader, you would do well to hire Heather.


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