Why You Should Hire International Travel Reviews

Why You Should Hire International Travel Reviews To Promote Your Tourism Location

Why You Should Hire International Travel Reviews

Why You Should Hire International Travel Reviews

To Promote Your Tourism Location

A Message From The CEO

Rick Stoneking Sr.


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Why You Should Hire International Travel Reviews

Why You Should Hire International Travel Reviews is a critical question. There are a number of reasons. This page is an overview. So, be sure to also read this article Why Hire ITR? Top 7 Reasons.  As a business services provider, we know you could use an in-house solution. We would expect you to consider that option. So, Why Hire ITR -Top 7 Reasons, tells you why hiring us is more cost-effective than in-house marketing efforts. Certainly, we believe you will agree.


We Use An Omni-Channel Marketing Approach

First, Why You Should Hire International Travel Reviews is a complex business decision. Certainly, you want to maximise your marketing efforts. And, we do that for you. For instance, we use an omni-channel marketing approach. Obviously, this maximizes the marketing efforts for your business. To clarify, this helps you in three ways.

  1. We send our reviews to magazines and newspapers.
  2. Furthermore, we post information on social media in real-time as we do the review.
  3. In addition, we also publish our reviews in this online travel magazine and blog.


What do your customers need the most? TRAVEL INTELLIGENCE!

Likely, travelers do not call it that. They do not say, Oh, I must get a travel intelligence report for our vacation. No, they simply ask the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions. Indeed, these questions help them to find out what they need to know for their trip.

Without doubt, this is where we excel. As well, we provide travel intelligence so travelers know the answers to these common questions.

This is what we call the 5W+H Formula.
  • Who to see for help.
  • What to do in an emergency.
  • When to travel for the most savings.
  • Where to eat the best local foods.
  • Why you would want to travel to a particular tourism site in the first place.
  • How to avoid pitfalls.


Other aspects to Why You Should Hire International Travel Reviews

First, we cover many other aspects of travel. Second, we include accessibility issues necessary to have a safe, fun, and exciting travel experience for everyone. Third, we do this by actually visiting our client locations. Also, this includes newly found and existing historical sites. In addition, we conduct our own reviews, including an accessibility review. Moreover, we do these whether the review is for information or tourism-related purposes. Lastly, we publish the reviews in our own travel magazine. Of course, we also send to other magazines relevant to the tourism site.


Thorough Evaluations of Our Client’s Business Location

We conduct a very thorough evaluation of our client’s business and where their site is located. Also, we include accessibility reviews of features crucial to accommodate travelers with any type of disability. Most importantly, revenue from disabled travelers, their caretakers, and their companions is expected to be over $300b in 2017. Moreover, we enhance our reviews with site photos. In addition, we also do reviews and photos of new and existing historic sites. We do this to promote historical sites as travel and tourism destinations for our clients, both in private and government sectors.



Above all, we promote accessible travel for all people with accessibility issues, from autism to wheelchair-bound travelers. Similarly, we do everything possible to promote excellence in accessibility worldwide. As a matter of fact, I am physically disabled myself. As a result, I use a power wheelchair. Thus, we urge forward-thinking companies to ask for an accessibility review when they book a travel review. Without a doubt, our accessibility reviews form an important part of the overall review process. Furthermore, it is not an option. Indeed, it gives us more outlets for promotion of the site we review. Obviously, we wish to recognize those who are proactive about accessibility. Thank you to those who do.


How We Are Different

The decision as to “Why You Should Hire International Travel Reviews” includes a complex array of services. We will not just write “an” article to submit to “a” travel magazine as most travel writers do, or just post it to a personal blog.

Our Expert Travel Copywriters Will Write Copy tailored to your business AND to the specifications of the publications to whom we send articles.

Our Expert Copywriting and Web Content includes the following.
  • Multiple, major print, and online travel and tourism magazines.
  • For publication in our own Online Travel and tourism magazine.
  • For publication in our own Online Travel and tourism blog.
  • We always do accessibility reviews for each tourism site – giving you even more promotion.
  • For submission to multiple magazines for disabled travelers, based on our accessibility reviews.
  • For the travel sections of major newspapers in the U.S.
  • Tailored review snippets to post in real-time on major social media sites.
  • Writing tailored review snippets for posting on major social media sites after we conduct the review.
  • Tailored review snippets for posting on regional or country specific social media sites after we conduct the review.
  • Writing tailored review snippets of information about your company based on search results for posting on major social media sites.



Expanded Coverage Options

Likewise, if you want more coverage in say, China. We have access to every newspaper, for every province, and for all major cities in China. Similarly, we offer the option to do this in all the countries where we do a travel review.


Regional Social Media Networks

In addition, we can add any regional social network before we post the review in real-time. For instance, in planning to visit China, we have already signed up with 123.com and will use that email address to sign-up for all of China’s social media available to us. All in all, we definitely think outside the box when it comes to promotion.

Furthermore, we have made friends all over the world who are willing to help us post to social media in real-time and after the review.

Lastly, we are very flexible. We can add social networks on the fly.


Our Social Media Network Partners

Additionally, we will get our colleagues on all major, regional, or country specific social media sites to re-post in real-time. As well, they would post after the fact reviews. Also, keep in mind, that all our efforts include photos of your locations. As a result, this makes each mention of your company come alive! How incredible.


Optional Service – Press Releases

Another reason Why You Should Hire International Travel Reviews include press releases. For instance, our expert press release copywriters will promote your company in countries where you want to expand your reach. Obviously,this helps you bring in regional tourists from neighboring countries. Furthermore, this includes posting links where they can find our reviews about your company. This further promotes your brand.


A Marketing Bonanza

To say this will be an advertising and marketing bonanza for your company is a gross understatement! Obviously, the level of promotion I am describing could cost well over $100,000 per business site. Yet, your real cash payout will only be a very tiny percentage of that. This could be an enormous help to you. Certainly, you may wonder why our rates for doing a travel review are so much lower than what others charge. Consider these reasons.

Three primary reasons for your costs being so low
  1. First, we transfer most of the costs to the magazines, newspapers, etc, that we write for. They pay us for the articles we write. So, it is in our best interest to write and publish articles about your company in as many other outlets that we can.
  2. Second, most of your expenses will be in-kind services for hotel rooms at your own locations, meals in your own restaurants, etc. Hotels and meals make up the largest part of the review cost, but you have no real cash outlay for it. I don’t know about the country you are in, but in the U.S., you could probably even deduct the entire cost, including the cost for in-kind services, from your tax return.
  3. Third, we show you how to get the cost shared with others.  For instance, non-competing companies may share your costs. You simply encourage them to get their own review while we are there. This would include getting grants, or at least help, from local, state, and country tourism offices. Furthermore,in the case of non-competitors, you can have them share an equal part of the travel and local transportation costs with you. As a result, they only have to cover the extra daily stipend for the writer and photographer. Similarly, most of their costs will be in-kind services. This benefits everyone.


Cost Cutting Example

Why You Should Hire International Travel Reviews is a matter of deciding the most cost-effective solution for promoting your business. Certainly, we expect that. And, we have many ways to help.

For example, let’s say at one of your locations you have a five-star restaurant that predominantly serves steak and seafood. In this case, you could consult with non-competing restaurants that serves a different type of food.  Consider asking them to share, or cover local transportation costs. In exchange we mention them in your review. Moreover, they could arrange their own review while we are there. As a result, they benefit greatly since they will not have to pay for the full review.  Obviously, they would if they hired us directly. Also, since we would already be there, their daily stipend would be far less than hiring us themselves. This approach helps everyone concerned.


Additional Benefits

Moreover, sharing costs benefits you because you can get others to share the travel and local transportation costs. Perhaps, you could even ask others to pay a small percentage of your hotel and/or restaurant costs. Indeed, that would actually earn you cash! For instance, you could strike a deal with a car rental agency, and they would receive mention for providing the local transportation. Obviously, this is a very small price to pay for being mentioned in our reviews, and on multiple social media. Consequently, you could do this with any business you choose. It is a win-win for your company.


Ancillary Benefits

Why You Should Hire International Travel Reviews includes considering the extra benefits we offer. Additionally, ancillary promotion benefits apply for all parties. In fact, you receive over $100,000 of advertising and marketing reviews for each site we review. Furthermore, other companies you bring on board may wish to pay a small fee for having us write a separate article for them. As a result, you will receive mention in their articles. Indeed, this is yet another bonus benefit for you. Similarly, they further benefit by being associated with your company. In this case, it is what I call a “cascading advertising and marketing benefit”. Thus, all parties involved benefit from this. Everyone wins.



A Constant Flow of Promotion for Months

First, we give a running account of our review process in real-time on social media. Second, you will get a constant flow of promotion for months to come in various magazines, newspapers, and on social media sites. In addition, we follow-up with promotions after the review. Currently, we use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. As well, we have already established accounts on Instagram and Snapchat. Likewise, we are also on Godinterest for those who wish to promote to a spiritual audience. Flexibility is the key.


Are You ready To Hire Us?

Indeed, I am truly excited about doing a review for your company. As well, I hope to write back-to-back reviews for all your locations.  So, if this is something you want to pursue, please email us.   HireITR@InternationalTravelReviews.com Likewise, you may contact us using our Contact Form.




In conclusion, do you now see “Why You Should Hire International Travel Reviews”. First, it is clearly a cost saving decision. Second, we do not offer you a cookie cutter template. As well, we do not offer a one size fits all plan. Moreover, we provide you with a customized plan. Third, we tailor everything to match your company’s strategy. Fourth, we promote your “brand” not just your business. So, hire us now. It is the right thing to do. Are you ready?


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Rick Stoneking Sr. CEO
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About The Author

Rick Stoneking Sr, is a retired, disabled, veteran and minister. He is the Founder/Owner of International Publishing Group, LLC (IPG) and International Travel Reviews (ITR)  ITR is now a division of IPG. IPG via ITR publishes The International Travel Herald – Supporting safe and barrier-free travel for all people. Please help us promote sustainable tourism, and accessible travel for everyone worldwide.

Rick’s writing spans over forty years. His published articles appeared in multiple genres in both Christian and secular circles.  Rick’s published articles and columns appeared in recognized state and international magazines.

As Owner/Founder of International Travel Reviews Rick received twenty-two Expert rankings from Klout.co


About ITR

To begin with, International Travel Reviews (ITR) was founded to promote a gold standard for providing timely, top notch, world class travel intelligence.  In addition, we emphasize High Travel Safety And Travel Security Standards. Furthermore, we assist all travelers, including those with accessibility issues, in all aspects of their own safe travel. Lastly, we promote safe and accessible tourism for everyone worldwide.


About Our Editor

Most importantly for us, Heather Pendley, plays a triple role for us. First, she is our Staff editor for company pages. Second, she serves as our proofreader for everything submitted to us and our own writing. Third, and most important to you, she is our Submissions Editor. We could not be more proud of Heather and the work she does for us. Moreover, Heather has her own editing and proofreading business called PendleysProEditing.com . Should you need a copy editor or proofreader, you would do well to hire Heather.


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