Writing for The International Travel Herald

Writing for The International Travel Herald

Writing for The International Travel Herald


Rick Stoneking Sr. CEO

Heather Pendley, Submissions Editor SE@IntlPubGrp.com


Thanks for visiting our post “Writing for The International Travel Herald” We would like to welcome you to our family.

We would love to have you write for us. If you would like to do so, please message our submissions editor to let her know you wish to send us some articles.  SE@IntlPubGrp.com. You may also send your resume to HR@IntlPubGrp.com

Writing for The International Travel Herald requires registration on our site using our Registration Form. The registration page has some important information you need to read. At the bottom, you will be asked to enter your birthdate, however, that is really only a confirmation captcha. Simply put in 2000 for the year. We know this is an annoyance to some, but we require subscribers to be at least 13 years of age and over.

Most importantly, fill the form out completely; incomplete registrations are automatically deleted. As a writer, you will want to choose “editor” when it asks you to select your role. This will allow you access to all of the writing tools we make available. You will need to read our article on SEO guidelines, and since writing for a digital magazine is different from writing for a print magazine, please read our Writing Guidelines.

You may then use our writing tool to add your article and edit it so that it meets the SEO and readability guidelines. Try to make sure the readability and SEO are in the green. The Flesch-Kincaid score should be 60 or higher, but at least 50. Our Readability Analysis tool will tell you what changes to make.


Your Status with Us

Writing for The International Travel Herald requires you to take certain steps. First, your status with us is not the same as the “role” that you select. Second, we may decide to upgrade or downgrade your role. However, once you are registered on the site as a writer, I will likely change your status to “editor”. You may then post drafts for the submissions editor to review for adherence to our guidelines. This allows you to have the full editing tools we offer for editing your own articles. It does not mean you are an editor for us.

Staff Writers Versus Freelance Writers

There is a difference between staff writers and freelance contributors. Obviously, staff writers generally receive higher recognition among their peers and from other publishing companies than do freelance writers. Being a staff writer:

  • Tells other companies that you are good enough to hire, as opposed to someone who provides only occasional freelance work.
  • Implies a commitment to the company you work for.
  • Means writing exclusive articles for us and so are permitted to use a byline that includes “For The International Travel Herald”.  As an example:  Susie McWriter, Staff Writer for “The International Travel Herald”.
  • Adds additional prestige to you as a writer.

Lastly, do not use “staff writer” if you really only want to be a freelance writer.


Writing for Us

Writing for The International Travel Herald offers unique benefits. At first, we can only offer exposure and a byline. However, as I note in my article “Cash Is Not Always King for Writers“, monetary rewards are not always the only consideration.

We need all editor positions filled, so we have not yet formalized a professional writing policy for the magazine. These will change to meet our needs and some editors have little idiosyncrasies to consider.

Everyone, including myself, are startup volunteers; but so were the people who started Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook.

When writing for The International Travel Herald, your articles are yours. You add your own by-line and signature block which can include a link to your blog or website if you have one. Cross-promotion helps both of us. We just ask that you not post the same thing on our site that you post on your blog, other blogs or magazines for six months. You retain the copyright for all freelance work, but as a staff writer, we will retain copyright. However, until we are able to pay for articles, we will leave the copyright with the author.

Because writing for The International Travel Herald is voluntary, we do not pay for articles right now. As a result, we do not expect you to write exclusively for us. However, we do expect a bit of loyalty and consideration.


About Your Content

Writing for The International Travel Herald requires original content. However, you may submit rewritten and updated articles up to a year old as long as they pass the original content threshold of 90 percent. We use SEO Tools Center which has a multitude of tools to help writers. This includes the Article Spinner to help you rewrite existing content into a completely new article.

Beyond that, the articles must be professionally written and well-edited for grammar and spelling, readability, and SEO. This is crucial. Articles should be a minimum of 900 words and a maximum of 1,500 words; we recommend using Word Count Tools to check. However, we are very flexible and are open to altering that.



When writing for The International Travel Herald you should include photographs, especially for travel stories. You may include up to five well-described photos. YOU MUST USE ‘ALT TAGS’ DESCRIBING THE PHOTO. This is a legally required accessibility feature for any writing intended for the public. We cannot publish photographs without “alt tags”.  It is OK to also use the “alt tag” description as your photo description. Photo descriptions do not count in the article character/word count. Here is an example of an “alt tag” describing our featured image:

Dingy brick apartment building with “Together We Create” spray painted on it for the article titled “Writing for ‘The International Travel Herald'”.

Furthermore, you must include the article title in the “alt tag” as we have done.



Writing for The International Travel Herald requires cross-promotion for people who have their own blogs. I have no problem with you doing something like the following: First, write a blog post about writing for us. Second, mention that your article is, or is going to be, about xxx. Third, include the link to your article on our site. You can then mention things in your own blog post about your trip that you do not include in the article you send to us. There is always more to write about than can fit in a single post. Most importantly, be sure to include a link to your article on our site.

You may include a signature block in your article on our site, as well as a link to your website or blog. I believe this sort of cross-posting helps us both.


Help Us Fill Positions

We have a serious need for someone to serve as our Managing Editor. In fact, we need all editorial positions filled. Even though volunteer, we ask for a minimum of 10 hours per week.

Also, we need writers who can write business services articles for our Business Services Topics. These relate to how these services benefit the travel industry. See Why Hire ITR? Top 7 Reasons

We also need a very savvy, tenacious, but kind-spirited person for our Advertising/Marketing Director (also volunteer to start). Commissions will be paid once we start generating revenue.

Please keep us in mind if you know anyone who can fill those positions.


Related Articles

Something to Consider for The Future

Once I get more help, especially a managing editor, we will have our own press membership program similar to what I have through ITWPA. We will issue our own press credentials. This will be a specialized group who will work/write for us as journalists/travel journalists. There will be a fee for the press credentials. When you register, choose the “journalist” role. It will take you to the payment page. We will send your press credentials within three working days.



The International Travel Herald is a professional “digital” publication. Writing for a digital magazine is different from writing for a print magazine. Moreover, writing for The International Travel Herald requires original content. Articles must be professionally written, well-edited for grammar and spelling, readability, and SEO. SEO is critical to digital content.

Finally, if you liked this article please leave us a message in the comments form. Also, you may write us a note using the Contact Form. If you encounter any problems using the site, please let us know using our Feedback Form.

I hope that answers your basic questions.

We look forward to you joining our family.


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