Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines for The International Travel Herald. As with any publication, we have submission guidelines that are required. Please read them first. This article helps you understand our Submission Guidelines. ITR  is looking for writers willing adhere to our strict submission guidelines, writing guidelines, and SEO guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines


The International Travel Herald

Rick Stoneking Sr. CEO

Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for “The International Travel Herald”. This article helps you understand our Submission Guidelines. ITR  is looking for writers willing adhere to our strict submission, writing, and SEO guidelines. Most of all, you must share our belief in this one simple idea. To promote accessible travel – and safe tourism – for everyone – everywhere.

Write for “The International Travel Herald”

Whatever your travel opportunity involves, we want to hear from you. And this includes expats living overseas. Expats  present a unique brand of travel stories by actually living the travel dream in a foreign country. Since travel stories vary by each individual traveler, we have tried our best to provide a suitable range of topics.

The world is full of opportunities for travel for all people. Consequently, we want to hear your unique stories in a well written way. So, please review our Submission Guidelines.

About International Travel Reviews

I founded ITR to promote a gold standard for providing timely, top notch, world class travel intelligence. As a result, we cover all aspects of safe travel. Therefore, we are able to promote safe tourism worldwide. Also, this helps us emphasize High Travel Safety And Travel Security Standards. In addition, this helps us fulfill our desire to assist all travelers. Most of all, this includes helping those with accessibility issues.

First Things First

Before we can consider your article submission request, you must have already read and agree to our strict Submission Guidelines.  And, these include our:

Mobile Users

For mobile users, please note the difference in our menus. Since you will see two sets of three lines one below the other, we want you to understand the reason why we use two menus. These represent condensed menus.

  • First of all, the top menu shows static pages relating to International Travel Reviews.  We write those.
  • The menu directly below it lists all of the categories for the “The International Travel Herald”.  Your write those.
  • Most noteworthy, the second menu is where you find the writing topics under which you may submit articles.

Writing Topics

So, for those willing to follow our submission guidelines, including our “Writing Guidelines” and Article SEO Guidelines, you have many article categories to consider. When you hover over each general category bottom menu, you will see a drop down list of other categories and subcategories.  We expect you to choose the best topic from the drop down lists. Also, if you absolutely cannot choose a travel topic that you think is crucial, we can create one easily if we deem it truly necessary. Finally, if you cannot find the perfect fit, let us know using our Feedback Form.

What Do We Look For In An Article?

Since the Yoast SEO plugin includes a readability analysis. We encourage people to use it. Try to get your Flesch reading ease score at 60 or above. The higher the number, the easier the text is to read and to accurately translate.

Our Submission Guidelines Ensure Your writing will be

  • Well Structured.
  • Also must have a Good Readability level. F-K 8th Grade to 10th grade level. We use the free Word Count Tools.
  • Informative. Tell your readers the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of your adventure.

Our Basic Guidelines

  • Follow our “Submission Guidelines”.
  • Use the Drop down categories for your posts (articles).
  • Since you re writing for a travel magazine, your article must relate to travel.
  • In addition, we do not allow ads, affiliate links, or commercial links.
  • Submissions can be 900-1200 words.
  • You may add up to five personally taken photos of your trip.
  • No stock or commercial photos.
  • Also, Photos must include an adequate description and “alt tags” that include your focus keyword.
  • Because Writers do not receive compensation, they receive a byline and retain copyright.
  • As a result, you may add a signature block similar to mine below. You should note this in your articles.
  • Prior articles up to one year old are acceptable.
  • Therefore, prior articles must be re-written as originals and up-to-date.
  • So dig out your blogs and spin them.

The Submission Process

As with any publication, we must have submission guidelines that are required.  So, before you get in touch, get to know us. Read our other articles to learn our style and the kinds of stories we tell. When you register, we will add you to our newsletter list free of charge. Our newsletter will offer tips to help you. Look through our archives. Reading archived articles will familiarize you with what we are looking for in articles. Do you feel we are a good fit?  Then submit your articles to our Submissions Editor.

To submit your well written articles, please email our Submissions Editor at:

Our Submissions editor will review your article. They will let you know if it meets our Submission Guidelines and suitable for posting. Please note: We review all article submission requests.  However, please understand that it may take some time for requests to be answered. Due to the large number of inquiries we receive it may take time to reply.

Submission Guidelines Exceptions

The exception to this includes those already writing or maintaining a blog. When you submit your resume to our HR department – let us know where we can review your previous writing. If we believe you can, and are willing to meet our strict writing and Article SEO guidelines, will allow you to edit and post your own articles.


In conclusion, there are many benefits to following proper text structure and readability. Here are some key points to remember.

  • Setting up a logical structure for your article will help you write better.
  • Your writing should be based on good Article SEO Guidelines.
  • Since using Yoast or Word Count tools helps you to be sure your writing is readable to your traget audience, this will ensure readers understand what you have written.
  • Understanding the meaning of your article is important because readers who understand your message are more likely to share it with others.
  • This includes sharing on their social media channels.
  • Sharing on social media channels increases your chances of being viewed as important to Google’s bot readers.
  • This results in your article ranking higher.
  • As a result, this helps the people you write for rank higher.
  • Since you help them rank higher, they will want you to write more for them.
  • Also, if you are selling a product or service, you are more likely to make the sale.

And they all wrote happily ever after!

Comments Welcome

Lastly, if you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment.

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About The Author

Rick Stoneking Sr, is a retired, disabled, veteran, minister and formal federal agent. He is now the Founder/Owner/CEO of International Publishing Group, LLC (IPG), and International Travel Reviews (ITR). Rick is also a Disability Advocate. As a result, he promotes Accessible Travel for everyone.

Rick has been writing in one form or another for over forty years. He is published in multiple genres in both Christian and secular circles. His writing ranges from police reports to a Christian eBook, to a year-long daily devotional series. Rick has published articles and columns in well-recognized state and international magazines.

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