Accessibility – Its Impact On The Travel Industry

Accessibility – Its Impact On The Travel Industry How making Travel and Tourism Accessible Impacts The Travel Industry?

Accessibility – Its Impact On The Travel Industry

Accessibility – Its Impact on The Travel Industry

How Does Making Travel and Tourism Accessible

Impact The Travel Industry


Accessibility – Its Impact on The Travel Industry

Accessibility – Its Impact On The Travel Industry. We believe travel should be accessible for everyone. Furthermore, there should be no separation between Travel and Accessible Travel. As a result, Accessibility – Its Impact on Accessible Travel in particular, are hallmarks of our travel review process

We also focus on increasing sustainable tourism as a means of economic, social, and environmental development. Tourism is a rising tide that raises all boats. And when it is properly managed, it benefits the whole world. If you give a family a fish, they will eat for a day. If you teach a family to fish, they will eat for the rest of their lives, and lift themselves from poverty!

Our Travel Reviews

When we conduct a travel review, we always include an accessibility review. Furthermore, it is not an option. It is mandatory for all our travel reviews. Yet, our reviews are unofficial. Because they are designed to help businesses, especially tourism businesses, proactively meet accessibility laws.

Sustainable Tourism Includes Accessibility

We promote sustainable tourism as defined by the UNWTO. But sustainability also includes accessibility and the impact it has on accessible travel and tourism. Our CEO is a disabled veteran. As a result, he strongly supports accessibility for all people.

What Is Accessibility

Wikipedia: Accessibility refers to the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people who experience disabilities.

We do General Business and Travel related Accessibility Reviews. Our accessibility reviews include Web Accessibility Reviews

Accessibility Defined by the ADA

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is a US civil rights law. It is not a building code as some mistakenly believe. This ensures that people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate.

This is from the ADA. Accessible access to physical locations, structures and websites is a legal requirement based on Civil rights laws, not construction laws. Public accommodations are covered under ADA title III. ADA Title III regulations 28 CFR Part 36.304. See also ADA Title III Regulations – Part 36 Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities. (As amended by the final rule published on September 15, 2010)” Italics mine.

In addition, in most countries, accessibility is a civil right. Therefore, violations of US ADA standards are civil rights violations. These are prosecuted by the Justice Department. We do not want businesses to be accessible because they have to. Nor do we want businesses to do so just for the increased economic benefit. We want businesses to be accessible because they know it is the right thing to do.

Disabled Travelers – A Fast Growing Segment

Accessibility – Its Impact on The Travel Industry. Disabled travelers make up the fastest growing segment of the travel industry. Everyone in the Leisure, Travel, And Tourism industry should promote accessible tourism. And not only as an economic development option. Businesses should promote accessible travel and accessible tourism for disabled travelers as a basic human issue. Why? Because accessibility and accessible travel are fundamental human rights. Please help us promote accessible travel and tourism for all people.

We Cannot Afford To Be Accessible

Making these changes will cost us too much. We cannot afford it. Why should we have to incur this expense?

I have three things to say about that.

  1. First, remember that accessibility is the law in all civilized countries. You could pay far more in fines and penalties than the cost of becoming accessible. And even risk criminal prosecution.
  2. Keep in mind that being proactive with accessibility issues can drastically increase your revenues. Becoming accessible almost always results in net income gains.
  3. Remember that accessible travel is a potential $300 billion dollar a year business worldwide.


Consider This Example

Here is an example. A mom and pop restaurant said they could not afford to become accessible, or provide an accessible bathroom To do so, they would lose three table places. Grudgingly, they put in four six-person booths. As a result, this took up about the same space as four sets of tables for four people each. Yet, this increased their seating capacity by eight people!

Because they became accessible, as word got out they began to get more and more business from the disabled community. The net result: The cost for becoming accessible $3000. The increase in revenue at $10.00 per person times two (Family/Caretakers); times thirty-five new customers; times four (one visit each quarter) equaled $2800 in accessible customers alone. Plus the extra eight customers gained in seating capacity gave them a huge revenue boost.

Becoming Accessible more than paid for itself in one year. It also created enormous good will in the community. This began to bring in new customers from outside the local community resulting in a doubling of business the first year. As a result, this created the need to expand the business.

Why Promote Accessible Travel and Accessible Tourism?

  • First, because it is the right thing to do.
  • Second, Disabled Travelers represent a $100b year revenue stream worldwide. And that is just for the disabled travelers. Almost all disabled travelers are accompanied by one, two, or more people. This includes family, friends, or caretakers. That means a potential market of $300 billion dollars a year or more.

We Help Tourism Businesses Increase Revenues

By showing them how becoming fully accessible, we help tourism businesses increase their profits . We do this in three ways:

  1. First of all, through our effective Travel & Accessibility Reviews
  2. In addition, through our core business services targeted specifically to the travel community.
  3. Finally, by encouraging businesses to become advocates for accessibility.

Most of all, we remind businesses that being accessible is not just the right thing to do. It is the law within all civilized nations! Accessibility Is A Civil Right!

The Accessibility Impact On Accessible Travel

Accessibility – Its Impact on The Travel Industry. Our CEO, was recently reminded how frustrating it can be to not have accessible options. His two best friends visited him from Germany. They drove two and a half hours to get to a famous beach. When they arrived, he was only able to get within one hundred yards of the beach. But then, he could not go any further because the boardwalks were cut short at every entrance.

He insisted that his friends enjoy the beach, while he sat 100 yards away unable to do so. Wheelchairs and electric scooters cannot go through the soft sand! This is why we need your support. We must all do our part to promote accessible tourism. Accessible travel should be promoted in all Travel sectors. Let’s promote Accessible Tourism for everyone, everywhere.

Web Accessibility

Accessibility – Its Impact on The Travel Industry. When we talk about accessibility, or people with disabilities, we usually think of people in wheelchairs. That is far from the reality most people with disabilities experience. Each disabled person, including those with invisible disabilities, face issues the non-disabled cannot truly comprehend. Here is a test. Blindfold yourself. Now go to the store, wash your car, play baseball, walk across the street to talk to your neighbor. See what I mean?

People who are blind or vision impaired are travelers too. So how do they book their flights? And do research online for the places they want to visit, and so forth? That is where web accessibility comes in. Web accessibility is about making the web available to everyone. Screen readers, braille keyboards and text to speech are all systems that help the blind and visually impaired to use the web like everyone else.

Accessibility – Its Impact on The Travel Industry begins with your publicly accessible website listing your services. Your web designer should be thoroughly familiar with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

Web Accessibility Resources For The USA

A Guide to Disability Rights Laws Publications: Architectural Accessibility

Frequently Asked Questions: ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities

Is Your Site ADA-Compliant … or a Lawsuit-in-Waiting?

Lawsuits Mount Over Website Accessibility – Epstein Becker & Green

ITR Does Web Accessibility Reviews

One of the optional services we provide is testing a business’ website to determine its level of accessibility. As a result, this is another area where we can help tourism related companies increase their revenues. Since those with accessibility issues cannot read your website on their own, you are losing potential customers. And again, it isn’t just the right thing to do, it is the law.

Accessibility – Its Impact on The Travel Industry. We want travelers to have a ready source of valid, uncompromising information about travel/tourism sites and websites. Most of all, we want to give tourism related businesses the exposure that will allow them to claim their slice of the entire tourism pie.

How To Become Legally Accessible

Becoming legally accessible is simple. Hire ITR For A Travel and Accessibility Review. ITR helps tourism businesses to capitalize on this significant, and rapidly growing, sector .

Accessible Travel and Web Accessibility – Is a Win-Win for Everyone!

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