Florida Travel And Tourism Part 1

Florida Travel and Tourism - Part 1

Florida Travel And Tourism Part 1

Florida Travel and Tourism

Part 1

The Sunshine State


Rick Stoneking Sr. CEO

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Florida Travel And Tourism Part 1 – The Series

Florida Travel And Tourism Part 1 – The Sunshine State. First of all, this is a four-part series on Florida tourism. Second, we hope you find Florida a Family Friendly place. Third, Fun, Frivolity, Fashion, Food, Fishing, Forests, Folk life, and Frolicking are but a few reasons why Florida is the nation’s best Tourist destination. Florida isn’t just the southeastern most state in the continental U.S. It is a peninsula. As a result, Florida sticks out from the rest of the country like a finger.


Florida Travel And Tourism Part 1 – Florida Geography

Indeed, with the Atlantic on the East side, and the Gulf of Mexico on the west side, Florida has more beaches than you could visit in a lifetime. However,  you should still try! As well, it is almost entirely a beachfront state, having over 1000 miles of beach front. In fact, Florida got its nickname, the “Sunshine State” due to its warm climate and the many days of sunshine, which have attracted northern migrants and vacationers since the 1920s.” Everyone loves a beach. Yet, Florida has so much more. Come see how much fun you can have. We have fun for everyone.


Florida Travel And Tourism Part 1 – Florida Attractions

Indeed, tourist attractions in Florida abound. The most famous are Disney World, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Legoland. Not surprisingly, being a science and space nerd, my favorite is the Kennedy Space Center. Furthermore, visitors to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida will soon be able to experience what it’s like to walk on Mars.

Hate Your Job? NASA Wants You To Work On Mars

In fact, speaking of Mars, NASA posted ”Help wanted on Mars”. As well, NASA has the posters to prove it

“US space agency – NASA has just released a series of retro recruitment posters that advertise potential positions it may one day need filled on Mars. NASA has the recruiting posters at the Kennedy Space Center for people to join the Martian Corps. You can even download and print them for personal use.”

See A Live Rocket Launch

In Florida Travel And Tourism Part 1, we invite you to see a launch for yourself. So, come and IGNITE YOUR SENSES. First, experience the countdown. Next, thrill to the sights and sounds of a real rocket launch. Finally, feel the earth tremble as the rocket lifts off from Kennedy Space Center!

In addition, Rocket Parties are a favorite of the Kennedy Space Center. “One small step for man, one giant leap for tourist-kind! The rocket-themed parties highlight the ever-growing popularity of the Kennedy Space Center”. Certainly, if you ever see a rocket launch, you will remember it for the rest of your life. Moreover, it is a wonderful vacation opportunity for families. So, bring the kids. As well, educational opportunities abound. Obviously, homeschooling parents will love it. NASA is great for STEM education.


Florida Travel And Tourism Part 1 – History And Architecture

Of course, Florida is great for history and architecture too. Indeed, Florida boasts the oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States – Saint Augustine, Florida.  History buffs love it. The architectural diversity is amazing.

The St. Augustine Town Plan Historic District – National Historic Landmark. First of all, this landmark encompasses the site of the oldest continuously occupied European and African-American settlements in the United States. Second, this areas was part of Ponce de León’s 1513 claim to La Florida, Third, St. Augustine was the site of Spanish military base established in 1565 by Don Pedro Menendez de Avilés. Lastly, you will find it between Jacksonville and Daytona Beach on the Atlantic coast.

Furthermore, other historical firsts around St. Augustine include “The Castillo de San Marcos.”. Indeed, this fort receives credit for being “the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States”. In fact:

“The fort was declared a National Monument in 1924, and after 251 years of continuous military possession, was deactivated in 1933. The 20.48-acre (8.29 ha) site was then turned over to the United States National Park Service.”

The Twins of Daytona

Of course, Florida Travel And Tourism Part 1 must mention Daytona Speedway. Daytona is also on the east coast.  Of course, the Daytona 500 speedway is a long-time favorite for race car fans As well, Daytona Beach brings spring break fans and families alike. Surprisingly, Daytona beach has the only drive on beach in Florida! So, bring the whole family!


The Tampa Bay History Center

Obviously, if you want more History, Tampa has much to offer. Of course you must visit The Tampa Bay History Center. Most importantly, it is a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate. As a matter of fact, the History Center includes three floors of permanent and temporary exhibition space. In fact, it focuses on 12,000 years of Florida history.

First of all, the History Center has many features. These include the following features.

  • A museum store
  • The Witt Research Center
  • A map gallery
  • An event hall
  • The Columbia Café, a branch of the historic Columbia Restaurant
  • One of Tampa’s premier cultural venues
  • The History Center features cutting-edge interactive exhibits
  • Provides a unique educational experience for all ages.
  • A super fun place for homeschooling families.


History And Romance In One Place

Certainly history gives way to romance here.

“The History Center, found along the Riverwalk in Tampa’s bustling Channel District, reveals a great place for a romantic getaway. The History Center serves residents of the Tampa Bay area as well as Hillsborough County’s nearly 3 million annual tourists, and is one of several cultural venues found downtown in Tampa. The Tampa Bay History Center received the a Silver LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council in 2012.”


The St. Petersburg Grand Prix

However, Daytona isn’t the only city for racing enthusiasts.  The Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg offers great entertainment for race fans. As well, adjacent Tampa, Florida even has Formula 1 race car simulators.

Speaking of simulators, flight enthusiasts won’t want to miss SimCenter Tampa Bay’s – CockpitSonicUSA, Indeed, CockpitSonicUSA offers a special adventure in Clearwater, Florida. CockpitSonicUSA offers a great way to have fun when you aren’t at Florida’s famous Clearwater Beach. Of course, Clearwater beach is a favorite of Floridians and tourists alike.


Elvis Presley Fans

Surprisingly, even Elvis Presley Fans have attractions. Take a leisurely scenic drive NNE of Tampa. In less than two hours, you will be in scenic Inverness, Florida. Come visit our Downtown museum. The museum features both history & modern culture. As well, see The Old Courthouse that Elvis Presley made famous when he filmed Follow that Dream in 1961. He filmed the entire courtroom scene here. However, The old Courthouse is a museum that covers much of Florida’s history. Kids love it.

Of course, I believe Inverness’ greatest claim to fame is that it is the Home of International Travel Reviews and its Owner – Rick Stoneking Sr. – Thats Me!



This article, Florida Travel and Tourism Part 1, doesn’t even scratch the surface of all that Florida has to offer. There seems no end to the travel and tourism opportunities in Florida.

So, if you enjoyed Florida Travel and Tourism Part 1, please let us know. Also, watch for my next article on Scenic Inverness, Florida, when I tell you about the connection between  Inverness, Florida and Scotland! You definitely do not want to miss that. So, the adventure continues.



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