Site Reviews – Tell Us What You Think Of Our Site

Site Reviews - Tell Us What You Think Of Our Site

Site Reviews – Tell Us What You Think Of Our Site

The International Travel Herald


The Site Reviews page is a place for our readers and site users to tell us what they think Use this space to rate us about our people, products, or services.  We ask for our readers and site users to provide their honest opinions. This allows for a way of engaging in a conversation with our readers. You are our most important asset. Without you, we could not exist. So be honest but respectful.

The purpose of Site Reviews is to allow our readers to tell us what they think about our online travel magazine – “The International Travel Herald” – of International Travel Reviews, and anything else they would like to talk about concerning us. Doing so allows us to be in a constant state of improvement. We want to provide the best possible experience for our readers, with the most accurate information, in the most user friendly way possible.

How We Use Your Valuable Reviews

As I mentioned above, this is one way we try to engage our readers in a conversation. Beyond just being the right thing to do, here are some ways you help us when you provide your reviews. See the related article below. Your reviews help us to:

  • Helps us to increase our SEO traffic and page views
  • Helps us to increase our value to our readers and partners
  • Helps us increase overall reader satisfaction.
  • Helps us to analyze ratings and review trends
  • Helps us improve our overall marketing strategies
  • Helps us improve our customer service
  • Helps us to reduce customer service requests
  • Helps us fine-tune the information and resources you need

If you have a technical issue, a problem with the site, or a suggestion about this site, please use the “Feedback” form.

If you are or have been a client for whom we provided services, please tell us what you thought about our services, and how we can improve them using our “Testimonials” form.

If you have a question feel free to message us using our “Contact” Form.

We appreciate you as our readers, writers, and clients. We thank you for your kindness.

Let’s keep in touch!

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